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1) All contents which the Member submits and updates on the Wikitree site(s) are regulated under Content Creator Identification/Non-revision Clause 2.0 of Creative Commons License. As such, at the point the material is posted, the content creator becomes Wikitree and the material itself becomes sharable among Members who can help edit and revise the originator’s version. Same regulation dictates added-on contents from other Members.
2) The company may use Member-created contents in relation to Company’s other services as well as in conjunction with partner companies by allowing copy, transfer, display and distribution of said material. Additionally, the Company may add, delete or edit the Member content as warranted. Member agrees that he/she extends to the Company general usage rights as editing and revision of Member material.

1) Member must guard against infringing on third party’s copyright or causing libel or slander, remembering that he/she is solely responsible for posted materials.
2) When Member submits his/her posting on the Company site, he/she is in effect relinquishing to the Company the right to reference, edit, revise and /or distribute the said material. The Company may also use the said material to help manage and promote its Services without further consent from the Member with the understanding that it will be done so within the fair, pragmatic, and legal boundaries of the copyright law.
3) The copyright to the name and logo of the Company’s Service resides solely with Social News.
4) In the case where the Member decides to exit from the Company’s membership, Member’s posted materials created in conjunction with other Members may reside indefinitely on the other Member’s account. Also, the Company cannot be held liable for dissemination of the said materials through third party redistribution and its later iterations. In order to protect against those Members who knowingly commit legal infractions as related to the use of the site, the Company may retain, within the bounds of legality, the record of the Member’s user I.D and domain names which the judicial concerns may legally require..
5) Member is solely responsible for all civil and criminal damage that the company or any third party suffers to its intellectual property rights in relation to the Member’s posted or created material on the Company’s site.
6) Member acknowledges that, per Section II of Terms and Conditions, Member has granted to the Company the right to use the Member’s posted/created material and that this right remains valid even after the Member decides to close his account.
7) In cases where the Member posted/created material(s) falls under the specifics of of Terms of Conditions (identified later in this document), the Company retains the right to delete such material(s).
8) In the case the Company actually decides to delete the material(s), it can take the prescribed actions listed in of Terms of Conditions separately and/or concurrently.
9) Per number 7 of this section, the Company is relieved of its responsibility to keep or maintain such deleted material(s)..
10) The Company cannot be held to review or inspect all of the contents that are submitted by Members.
11) The Company is not responsible for keeping or maintaining posted/created materials of Members who close their account or whose membership is cancelled for cause under Part 17 of Terms of Conditions.