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Terms of Service

I. General
1. Purpose
The purpose of this provision is to explain the Terms and Conditions of service (herein “Service”) and all aspects related to it, including but not limited to rights and responsibilities, between Social News Company, Ltd (herein “Company”) located at 2nd Floor DooBee Building, 11-3 Jeong-dong Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea and its member (herein “Member”).

2. Definition of Terms
• Member: A user of the Company’s Service who agrees to the Terms and Conditions, applies for membership on its internet site, and creates a user I.D. and password for access.
• Sign-up: A process by which a person enters the necessary information on the Company’s internet sign-up page, agreeing to and executing the Terms and Conditions in order to receive approval for membership from the company .
• User I.D.: A unique and verifiable email address that the Member provides at sign-up which will be used as his/her user I.D.
• Password: A unique combination of letters, characters and/or numbers that the Member designates in order to use in conjunction with his/her User I.D. when accessing the Company’s site. Administrator: The person designated by the Company to oversee and manage the Company’s Service. Account Discontinuation: A situation in which the Member decides to close his/her membership with the Company for various reasons.

3. Notices and Alterations
• This Terms and Conditions is featured on the Company’s homepage and other related web pages for Member’s access.
• The Company reserves the right to alter the Terms and Conditions without prior notification when deemed necessary. The altered version will be displayed on the Company’s homepage for 15 days from the date of the alteration and will be enforceable from the date specified. The Member reserves the right to reject such alteration(s), and in such a case, may end the use of the company’s site under the Terms and Conditions by executing Account Discontinuation. In the case where the Member continues to use the Company’s Service even after the alteration, the member is deemed to have accepted the renewed version of the Terms and Conditions.

4. Miscellaneous
• Items or issues not specified in the Terms and Conditions shall come under the rules guiding general international convention.
• The Company may affect additions or changes to individual services that it offers. Such additions or changes will take effect upon general disclosure or after the member consent, as necessary.

II. User Agreement
5. Executing User Agreement
User Agreement takes effect when the Member enters his/her personal details on the company’s sign-up page according to its instructions, clicks “I accept the Agreement,” and the Company, in turn, consents to that Member’s sign-up.

6. Requesting User Service
• In order to use the Company’s Service, the Member must provide on the Company’s sign-up page relevant personal information that the Company deems necessary for conferring membership status..
• All information provided by the Member on the sign-up page must be valid. Providing false or invalid information may result in forfeiture of legal protection for the Member.
• As deemed necessary, the Company may allow a group (as opposed to individual) sign-up. Entity wishing to sign-up under a group name must receive prior approval from the Company. Information which the Member will be providing are as follows:

a) Regular Member: user I.D., password, real name, email address, phone number, mobile phone number.
b) External Member: These are Members who access the company’s website via other social networking sites instead of owning a Company account. These Members may be waved the information requirement above. 3) Group Member: group name, name of the representative director, user I.D., password, email address, office phone number, address, name of the person signing up, other contact information. “Regular Member” is required to furnish his/her email address and mobile phone number at the time of sign-up in order to become a Member.

7. User Service Activation
1) The Company will activate membership to those Members who provide full details which the sing-up process requires. Membership, however, may be denied or canceled for the following reasons.
a) For email address validation failure
b) For signing up with a third party’s information
c) For providing false information during the sign-up process
d) For acts that breach the Terms and Conditions and/or general international conventions
e) For other cases when Member’s action(s) does not adhere to the Company’s prescribed Terms and Conditions
2) The Company may withhold membership approval for, among others, technical or operational reasons.

III. Offered Services and Usage Guide
8. Offered Services
1) Unless for specific reasons such as for operational or technical problems, Service will be continuous for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
2) The Company will endeavor to provide a stable service as per the Terms and Conditions. With the exception of when the Service has to be halted for system reviews, natural disasters, and other emergency situations, the Company will do its utmost to fix immediately any problem that contributes to the halting of Company’s Service
3) Below are Services the Company provides:.
a) Content on its Wikitree websites
b) The ability to post, edit, delete and comment on stories, photos, videos and other image-related products on Wikitree websites
c) Ability to participate in Wikitree-sponsored events and contests
d) Wikitree email service
e) Any future services that the Company may provide on behalf of other entities or through joint development

9. Usage Guide
• As soon as a person becomes the Company’s Member, he/she becomes eligible to use all services listed under Section 8.3.
• Member may at anytime voice his/her concerns or complaints. If the company deems the issue valid, it promises to do everything it can to resolve the concern.
• Member is solely responsible for maintaining and guarding his/her user I.D. and password and may not transfer or sell this information to a third party. All legal liabilities as a result of the Member’s use of his/her user I.D. and/or password remains solely with the Member.

IV. Posted Material
10. Definition of posted material
Postings include the below:
1) All opinions, queries, answers, images, videos, etc as well as files or links which the Member uploads onto the Company’s website.
2) Any content that the Member creates, revises, edits and/or updates using the Wikitree platform as well as associated comments, images, videos, files and links.
3) Any content that the Member enters or uploads to sites provided by the Company which are not Wikitree.

11. Copyright of Posted Materials
1) All contents which the Member submits and updates on the Wikitree site(s) are regulated under Content Creator Identification/Non-revision Clause 2.0 of Creative Commons License. As such, at the point the material is posted, the content creator becomes Wikitree and the material itself becomes sharable among Members who can help edit and revise the originator’s version. Same regulation dictates added-on contents from other Members.
2) The company may use Member-created contents in relation to Company’s other services as well as in conjunction with partner companies by allowing copy, transfer, display and distribution of said material. Additionally, the Company may add, delete or edit the Member content as warranted. Member agrees that he/she extends to the Company general usage rights as editing and revision of Member material.

12. Responsibility and Rights Associated with Copyright
• Member must guard against infringing on third party’s copyright or causing libel or slander, remembering that he/she is solely responsible for posted materials.
• When Member submits his/her posting on the Company site, he/she is in effect relinquishing to the Company the right to reference, edit, revise and /or distribute the said material. The Company may also use the said material to help manage and promote its Services without further consent from the Member with the understanding that it will be done so within the fair, pragmatic, and legal boundaries of the copyright law.
• The copyright to the name and logo of the Company’s Service resides solely with Social News Company, Ltd..
• In the case where the Member decides to exit from the Company’s membership, Member’s posted materials created in conjunction with other Members may reside indefinitely on the other Member’s account. Also, the Company cannot be held liable for dissemination of the said materials through third party redistribution and its later iterations. In order to protect against those Members who knowingly commit legal infractions as related to the use of the site, the Company may retain, within the bounds of legality, the record of the Member’s user I.D and domain names which the judicial concerns may legally require..
• Member is solely responsible for all civil and criminal damage that the company or any third party suffers to its intellectual property rights in relation to the Member’s posted or created material on the Company’s site.
• Member acknowledges that, per Section II of Terms and Conditions, Member has granted to the Company the right to use the Member’s posted/created material and that this right remains valid even after the Member decides to close his account.
• In cases where the Member posted/created material(s) falls under the specifics of (identified later in this document), the Company retains the right to delete such material(s).
• In the case the Company actually decides to delete the material(s), it can take the prescribed actions listed in separately and/or concurrently.
• Per number 7 of this section, the Company is relieved of its responsibility to keep or maintain such deleted material(s)..
• The Company cannot be held to review or inspect all of the contents that are submitted by Members.
• The Company is not responsible for keeping or maintaining posted/created materials of Members who close their account or whose membership is cancelled for cause under Part 17.

V. Personal Information and Privacy
13. Personal Information Usage
• With the Member’s approval, the Company may send promotional or advertising content of affiliated entities by email.
• Without prior consent, the Company will not reveal or share member’s personal information gleaned while providing service to him/her with third parties, except in below cases:
a) When Member’s country of jurisdiction demands such materials for lawful purposes
b) When the information is used for statistical/research related purposes and is provided as part of a bulk data.
• The Company may use all or parts of the Member’s information for statistical reasons in relation to its operation, The Company may send emails to its Members in order to promote its business objectives such as product purchases, promotional event participation and membership promotion. Member acknowledges the above conditions as regards to personal information usage by the Company and agrees to accept them as per 3.4.

VI. Updating and Closing of Account
14. Updating Account Information
• Member should update his/her information as soon as possible after there is a change in his/her status.
• All liabilities arising from the Member not updating his/her information reside with the Member.

15. Account Closing
• In case the Member wishes to close his/her account, he/she can do so by clicking “Account Discontinuation” on the account page. Once the account is closed, he/she may not reopen another account for 3 months and when he/she does reopen an account, the past user I.D. may not be used.
• The Company may retain Member’s personal information for six months from the date of account closing.
• Personal information that the Company retains of Members whose accounts are closed will be used only for the purpose of protecting Member’s privacy.

VII. Service Restrictions
16. Reasons for Restricting Service
1) The Company may cancel or restrict service to a Member without notice in the event of actions listed below:
a) Misrepresentation of facts during sign-up or update process as covered in Section 2 6.5.
b) Collection, appropriation or retention of third party’s user I.D and/or password.
c) Copyright or intellectual property infringement of the Company, other members of the Company site, or other third parties associated with the Company’s operation.
d) Willful disruption of the Company’s service or operation, or its use by third party
e) Any infraction which may result from posting/creating offensive materials.
f) For any other infractions that the Company considers serious enough for discontinuing Member access.

17. Levels of Restriction
1) There are six levels of restrictive actions that the Company may take, from limiting postings to disciplinary steps against the Member. Below listed infractions, however, may result in direct disciplinary action without recourse to these steps.
a) Indiscriminate and/or excessive comment postings
b) Engaging in or encouraging/supporting cyber-stalking
c) Using posted materials to libel, slander or defame others
2) Disciplinary steps against posted material/comment and Member are as below: 
a) For posted materials/comments infraction
- Level 1: deletion of posted material/comment (when a Member has had his posts deleted four times, he/she receives a member warning)
- Level 2: deletion of posted material/comment coupled with a 7-day ban on future postings.
- Level 3: deletion of posted material/comment coupled with 3-month ban on future postings and a member warning.
b) For member infractions
- Level 1: deletion of posted material/comment coupled with 3-month ban on future postings
- Level 2: (after 3 infractions) Member notified of possibility of membership cancellation; offending material/comment deleted and log-in restricted for 1 month.
- Level 3: deletion of posted material/comment and cancellation of membership
3) Under the Terms and Conditions, the Company may restrict a Member’s usage status (after 2 member warnings) or remove him/her from membership (after 3 member warnings) after convening an Infraction Review Committee. The Committee’s makeup and procedure are as follows:
a) Infraction Review Committee: 3 different editors, including the person in charge of the section in which the offending material/comment was posted (chairperson to be selected among the three).
b) Steps: Review the basis for taking disciplinary action against the Member, notify the Member of committee’s convening to review the matter, remove Member’s account from the company’s site (within 7 days of removal notice), send confirmation notice to Member of membership cancellation.

VIII. Reparations and Exemptions
18. Reparation
In regards to the Company’s offering of free-to-use Member Service, the Company cannot be held liable for any damages that the Member may suffer unless the Company grossly and willfully causes such results. For paid-for-services which the Company provides, the conditions will be separately specified.

19. Exemptions
• The Company cannot be held liable for issues or problems which the Member might experience as a result of discontinuation of Company’s services which may be caused by natural disasters and other emergency measures.
• The Company cannot be held liable for discontinuation or disruption of the Company’s Service as a result of the Member’s action.
• The Company does not guarantee nor vouch for the validity, accuracy, timeliness or reliability about the information, products, services, software, graphic or audio/visual materials portrayed or featured on the Company’s site.
• The Company does not guarantee the validity, accuracy, timeliness, or reliability of Member posted material/comments.
• In cases where the Member obtains and wishes to make a decision based on information about legal, medical or economic information from other Member postings on the Company’s site, the Company strongly urges him/her to consult an expert in the field.

IX. Miscellaneous
20. Complaint Resolution
The Company will address concerns or complaints from Members through the use of phones, documents, emails and/or its homepage.

21. Dispute Resolution and Jurisdiction
All disputes arising from use of the Company’s service will remain within the legal purview of the district court where the Company maintains its domicile.

The Terms and Conditions herein takes effect beginning September 1, 2013.