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What is wikitree?

Wikitree is a Social Networking Service (SNS)-based news platform where anybody can write news and disseminate the material far and wide through the SNS universe.

At the same time, wikitree is an open source program that incorporates Google platform to automatically translate all its contents and which then lets anyone in the world contribute to editing/translating them.

In other words, wikitree enables any news contribution to get automatically transformed to various international lexicon and dispersed through the respective SNS universe.

In wikitree environment, the import of the news item is decided by the users and contributors. Fun and/or valuable news gets shared by the many SNS users, imbuing it with that much more significance.

Anyone can write a news story.

We at wikitree will help amplify your voice.

Write a news story -> As soon as you sign-up with wikitree, you can start writing your news stories.

Share your stories -> Tweet and post on your Facebook the stories you wrote. With a simple click of the mouse, your creation will travel all over the SNS universe.

Help revise stories -> Fun and/or valuable news is translated into various languages. Anyone can help contribute to making these translations and thus, the news, becomes even better.

We help develop your creation -> Important and worthy news will be translated using Google and be transmitted across all languages over the SNS sphere.

Tell your stories -> Funny jokes, sorrowful events, proud moments, touching anecdotes, stories you’ve been storing up inside, stories you want to spread far and wide. No matter what they are, share what you have to say with wikitree and thus, with the world.

Go to wikitree and click on sign-up.
At that moment, you become the news medium.
Go ahead. Share your story with the world.