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Mummified husband kept in the house for 7 years because of faith in resurrection
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A woman named Cho, 47, was arrested today for keeping a corpse inside her house for seven years.

It was her husband's mummified remains that she had been keeping in one of the rooms in the house where she and her three children continued to live after her husband's demise. 

The family is reported to have led a pretty regular life, at least as viewed from the outside, the children even dropping by where the corpse lay on the way to and back from school as if they were merely continuing what they had always done when their father was alive.

Being a pharmacist, Cho was able to keep the body from decaying by using various chemicals and additives after he died from liver cancer in 2006.

According to the police, Cho admitted that she kept the mummified corpse in the house because she believed that her continuous prayers could return it to life.
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