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GIFs: Lee Gyu-hyeok is all heart as he finishes his 24-year Olympic career with one last race
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Korea's veteran skater Lee Gyu-hyeok, racing for the sixth and last time at Sochi Olympics Men's 1,000 meter, went out like the consummate professional he is, with his head lowered and pumping his legs as hard as he could.

Though Lee has won many international competitions, the same kind of success has always eluded him at the Olympics and sadly this year was no exception. 

Placed in the 6th heat against Russia's Bogolyubsky, Lee raced at a very respectable 1:10:04 time, but the final tally placed him in 4th place, once again hair away from grabbing the bronze.

Asked about the career he has had at the Olympics, Lee said, "I have learned a lot coming to these Olympics. I don't regret it a bit." Although Lee leaves the Olympics without ever achieving a medal, to Koreans he remains a true Olympian.

1. Lee skates at 16:25 seconds for the first 200 meters--a good pace.

[All GIFs = wiki tree from MBC TV]

2. At 600 meters, he's at 25:51 seconds.

3. He crosses the line at 1:10:04.

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