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Chinese athletes go for gold while consumers go for "gold roses" during this year's Valentine's Day
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[Photo: Zhongxin Net]

In China, the "Great Full Moon Day" and Valentine's Day are both celebrated as occasions for lovers. And with the "Great Full Moon Day" falling on the same day as the Valentine's Day, there is even more festivity going on today.

To celebrate such a "momentous" event--first time in 19 years, the Chinese gush--merchants have prepared "gold roses" to be shared as gifts among lovers. Depending on the size of these gold-plated roses, they can fetch up to several hundred dollars a piece, observed one news site,

Even for Chinese people, famous for their love of all things gold, they have been hoarding a lot of gold lately, a trend that the citizens claim "even Xi Jinping can't do anything to stop." And it is against this opportune moment, the golden roses have bloomed--at least for one perfect day--as they have all been sold out.

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