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Breaking News: Koreas agree to go ahead with South-North family reunion in February
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(wiiktree global)--Kim Gyu-hyun, South Korean representative to the preparatory committee for South-North family reunion, announced this afternoon that after two marathon sessions with the Northern counterpart two Koreas have agreed to go ahead with the family reunion as originally planed for February.

The viability of the event had been in question recently as North, through its state media and via its family reunion delegation, had been demanding that South Korea push back the joint military exercise with the U.S. that overlapped with the last two days of the planned reunion. Fears that the event might be scuttled as it was last year was widespread.


Even before the announcement today, however, it had been conjectured, with last year's disappointment, that both Koreas would likely do everything possible to ensure that this year's event happened. 

And they have.

Kim said the two sides agreed to uphold three items of mutual interest.

1. To go ahead with the family reunion from Feb 20 to 25
2. To desist from defamatory/critical remarks about each other
3. To work to foster better relationships, and toward this end, to engage in a follow up high-level talks

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