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BBC: "Elise Christie, the target of cyber abuse"
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BBC reported today that Sochi Winter Olympics short track speed skater, Elise Christie was "the target of cyber abuse." Christie was disqualified at the 500 meter race Thursday when she made an improper pass against Arianna Fontana of Italy. 

Christie told BBC that she had been bullied online after the Thursday incident, forcing her to delete her Twitter account. She said, "I have found it hard, but it is not always about medals. I have to keep pushing through."

When she tried to pass Fontana during the 500 meter race, Christie's extended arm somehow caught the leader, Park Seung-hee also, causing all three athletes to crash down and likely costing the Korean the gold medal. 

About what happened on Thursday, she expressed on her Facebook that she "was sorry to Korea and other athletes and that [she] hoped Park Seung-hee would recover quickly from her injury."

To add to her personal Sochi woes, she suffered another penalty yesterday during the 1,500 meter race when she was deemed not have crossed the finish line properly although she came in first in her heat. The result was that she was dropped to sixth place, which meant she could not qualify for the final race as only the top three advanced.
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