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Hero firefighter jumps down from the roof to save a suicidal female
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[All photos: Hefei online]

Chinese media are abuzz with the news of the brave firefighter who jumped down from the top of a building to catch a female who was about to jump from her third-story apartment window.

According to Hefei (合肥) Online, the incidence occurred at Lyujiang(庐江), Anhui (安徽) yesterday when a woman was reported to be hanging outside her third-floor window, contemplating suicide.

However, when the emergency team go to the location there was no way for them to enter the premise. Then a courageous firefighter quickly got up to the roof, and before the would-be suicidal female could entertain any further thoughts, he jumped down from the roof and grabbed the woman from the window ledge.

Fortunately, the woman and the fireman safely got down to the ground. Asked the reason why for her contemplating suicide, the woman confessed that it was because of a fight she had with her husband.  

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