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Policeman who shot and killed a pregnant restauranteur for not serving him milk tea gets the death sentence
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[Former policeman Huping stands in judgment at court / Photo:]

A former policeman who had been accused of killing a pregnant women at a restaurant in Dafung(大鹏), Pingnan (平南) in China was sentenced to death yesterday, reported 

Hu, who was later verified to have been completely drunk at the time, entered the victim's noodle restaurant last October bare-chested, demanding she serve him milk tea. When she replied that they "did not sell tea" at the restaurant, he took out his revolver and fired point blank into the victim, killing her and her unborn infant and injuring her husband in the shoulder.

The court's verdict, willful murder, carries the death sentence as well as restitution to the victim's family of close to $1,200.

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