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Fire at Samsung SDS data center
Twitter Exposure 3,911 | Facebook Impressions 584 | 2014.04.20 17:09

[Photo of Gwachun Samsung SDS building on fire. @shbaik82]

A sudden fire erupted at around 12:20 pm Sunday at Gwachun Samsung SDS building.

The fire began on the fourth floor of the data center and continued blazing for 7 hours before it was finally extinguished. As the building serves as a backup data center with its main data storage location in Suwon, no major problem was anticipated. However, some Samsung credit card-related services were temporarily discontinued. 

Fire department believes the fire may have started near the outdoor pipes, and said they would investigate as soon as the danger was allayed.

Below are tweets from nearby observers: 
                          "Samsung SDS in Gwachun on fire. Fire department on the job."
                          "Fire only getting worse."
                          "Samsung SDS building in Gwachun on fire also."

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