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Interbrand announced the world's top 100 brand ranking
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[Photo by Interbrand website capture]

Topped the world's top 100 brands Interbrand priced Apple. In addition, Samsung Electronics ranked 07 with domestic companies.

Overall it was announced several indicators, including growth in the 'Global 100 Brands "to select a brand consulting firm" Interbrand "recently.
Interbrand - Creating and managing brand value
- Where you can see the world's top 100 brands Interbrand ranking]

According to the announcement, Apple and Google took first and second place. More than 10 billion dollars worth of both companies is the corporate brand. Especially considering that two years ago was one of the top IT companies followed Coca-Cola is strong this year.

Elan was also prominent in local companies. Topped 07 in the world rankings for the top 10 corporate brand is the only domestic company to Samsung. Last year, it ranked just jumped on the 08 limit. Last year, Hyundai Motor climbed up on the 43 and 40.

In particular, attention has been brought within the corporate brand values ​​viscosity above 100 for the first time in China, Huawei's announcement. Has been evaluated in three major smartphone manufacturers that cost Android phone manufacturers image imprinted across the telecommunications equipment, Huawei is now. The world record in the top 94 corporate brand valuation.

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