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"No window" smart screen "airliner seemed to be developing within 10 years."
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[Passenger inside / below photo without windows = CPI]

Not equipped with a smart screen windows airliners came the news that it will become developed within 10 years.

UK media 'Guardian' are 26 (Reuters) - "The current television and smartphone display technology and smart screen view airliners fusion of IT will be developed within 10 years," said, "This aircraft is outside of the eye along the direction of the passenger environment ( from the area), which will be able to leave the plane, such as the Internet, "he said.

The windowless plane set for take-off in a decade
UK developer working on replacing heavy aircraft windows with uber-light smartscreen panels to cut fuel consumption and slash air fares

This aircraft is still the concept stage. However, one passenger aboard the aircraft can enjoy the e-mail and surf the web with a screen mounted in the front seat, inside the plane into screen plane was able to see the outside scenery in real-time.

This is because such an idea is that it emerged as the weight of the windows used in the passenger considerable. 1% by weight of the actual aircraft julmyeon fuel consumption was reduced by 0.75%. So the plane speed is able to increase the fuel efficiency as well.

Therefore, using the OLED increases the convenience of passengers while reducing the weight of the body to eliminate the window is envisioned.

However, many mountains to climb in order to achieve it. Airplane fuselage with a flexible OLED display manufacturing, health problems caused by such examination has not yet been mounted display.

In this regard, the aviation industry is a welcome atmosphere. Is produced from fuel use is reduced, so that it can meet the growing revenue in the Internet age. Forward this concept is likely to emerge in stages, starting with individual aircraft.

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