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Seeing the movie "With The Suzan" with movie director Mike Nogami
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Continuing with Mike Nogami's exhibition "Snapshot Diary" at the gallery Le Decó, on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th, at the basement of the gallery, the movie directed by Mike "The First Step featuring The Suzan" was introduced to the attendees who came all the way to Shibuya to enjoy good music and a great atmosphere. 

[Photo by Mike Nogami at The Suzan official Facebook Page]

But wait, who are The Suzan? These three cuties are Rie, Saori and Nico, and they can be proud to say that they are the only Asian girl group currently active in the United States and Europe. Their music has been described as Pop, Wild Dance, Punk and Garage Rock, but we will leave all the categories aside and say The Suzan have their own particular way of making music and consequently they have created their particular sound. 

[Photo - Miho Okado]

Is thanks to their unique sound that the band caught the attention to the renowned photographer Mike Nogami. As we mentioned in our article last Monday, Mike created a unique "photo-documentary" of the Japanese band "Happy End". Continuing with his interest in music and images, Mike decided to film a documentary about The Suzan. "The First Step Featuring The Suzan" has caught major interest in the music subculture and turned to be a piece of cult in the music industry.

On Saturday night, one of The Suzan members asked Mike "What is the message of the movie?" Mike said that the ultimate message in the movie is to say to everyone "go and do what you really want to do", he added that if you really want to go abroad, just go, the problem is that everybody thinks too much, but is only by acting that you can make things happen and achieve what you really want. What's difficult is to take the first step. And that's exactly what The Suzans did, they left Japan and went to the States to pursue their dream. 

[From left to right: Saori, vocals and guitar, Mike Nogami and Nico as percussionist. Photo - Miho Okado]

As you become familiar with Mike Nogami's work, you start to realize that Mike seems to be thinking about "living". Mike seems to cherish that you can go abroad and try to achieve your dream, but if it doesn't work, you still can enjoy being there and how to live in that particular world. 

[Nico's sweet smile. Photo - Miho Okado]

Another member of the band, asked Mike "Why did you choose us?" Mike said because of their unique and particular sound and great spirit. Mike found The Suzan in a festival and he thought they had really good sound. In the movie, we can see the band toured with leading indie pop band Peter Bjorn and John in major stages around the world. 

[Photo - Miho Okado]

When asking Mike the way he filmed the movie, he said he wanted to follow his style of closeness with the band members and used a simple digital camera. Is due of not using a professional camera that Mike, once again, could capture the most intimate moments of Rie, Saori and Nico. In this regard, for The Suzans, what really matters the most, is not becoming famous but instead they prefer to pay attention into the art form, their style and curate their music instead, and this can be seen in all their MV's and when listening to their albums.  

Ultimately, the message that Mike Nogami wanted to deliver with his movie is "Go and try to achieve your dream, but if for some reason you can't, is okay, what really matters is to enjoy the doing, not the result" 

Thank you very much for your advice Mike, we will never forget your warm and beautiful way of approaching the small details in our everyday life.

Miriam Basco / Miho Okado

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