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The Suzan live at Club Asia, Tokyo.
Twitter Exposure 13,441 | 2014.12.18 17:18
No one can stop The Suzan. On Tuesday 16th they did it again and gave it all to the 200 people who went to "Club Asia", one of the hottest clubs in Tokyo right now. 

People gone mad to get in, some of them they even queued for hours and some others were singing their songs even before the gig started. They just couldn't wait to start dancing to the music from The Suzan's new album "GOLDEN WEEK FOR THE POCO POCO BEAT", a really cute album filled up with 8 great songs that will blow yourself away.

[Photo - Noriko Suzuki]

[Photo - Noriko Suzuki]

Public who attended said that The Suzan show was the best of the year so far and that The Rolling Stones concert was nothing compared to them. some guys said that the band members are all so pretty and charming and so full of energy that they can't resist going to their shows.

[On the right, you can see a guy hypnotized by the beauty of Saori, Rie and Nico. Photo - Noriko Suzuki]

Indeed, when you listen to their album you get automatically recharged with positive energy and you can even see the sun in a foggy day. Yes, that's what you experience when you listen to their songs, you've got a sudden shoot of energy that makes you feel everyday the sun is shinning high.

[Photo - Noriko Suzuki]

Band member Rie Suzuki said that the reaction of the audience was amazing, they danced and sang non stop with each of the songs they played. For Rie, that moment when the audience was singing along with them was the moment when the band was most connected with the public. In that precise moment, the band and public became one. Saori also mentioned that, when the band and the public sang along together, she felt totally at home and enjoyed enormously the show thanks to them. 

[Photo - Noriko Suzuki]

If you want to see how the people go mad dancing with their music, you'd better check this out!

[Youtube from The Suzan official YOUTUBE channel]

I told you right? These girls are just great! Believe me, if you have a gig near your hometown you'd better don't think twice and go!

[Photo - Noriko Suzuki]

Now you regret for not going to the show, right? DON'T WORRY!! There are still 2 more shows to come. By the way, if you want to have an amazing New Year Eve, we recommend you to go to their show on December 31st, they will play until midnight and will count down to welcome the new year with good vibes!!! 

27 December(sat)
Daisy Bar@Shimokitazawa 
OPEN18:30  START19:00
31 December(wed)
Daisy Bar@Shimokitazawa 
DaisyBar CountDown the10th!!
“mirrorball yearend14→GO TO NEW DECADE15”
OPEN16:30 /START17:00

/// The Suzan Website:
    The Suzan Twitter: @thesuzan

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