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Candid camera: Actress Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum sighted in Europe
Twitter Exposure 43 | Facebook Impressions 152 | 2013.11.05 10:26

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[Photo: Besties]

Internet is abuzz as a candid photo entitled "Moon Geun-young, Kim Bum couple caught on camera in Europe" is circulating quickly through the cyberspace.

Dressed casually for the occasion the couple looks a little lost in the picture.

Only recently on Oct 1, Moon and Kim had admitted openly to their relationship with a statement through their management agency which said, "We are just starting. We hope the fans will regard us with love."  

Moon is currently taking a break after the appearance in a recent drama while Kim is slated for a promotional tour of his new movie "Juninggul II" as soon as they return from Europe.
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